He is the most recognised Buddy Holly performer in the world today. The star of  the mega musical, The Buddy Holly Story in 3 separate  productions and over 4 years as the lead.

Scott Cameron has played Holly all over the World, from London's west end to America, Spain to Australia for over 2000 performances & over 1.5 million tickets sold. He is the only performer endorsed by the Peggy Sue, Bob Montgomery (Writer of Heartbeat) & Buddy's family.


CCR Poster.jpg

The most Authentic, Rocking & Loud recreation of  Creedence Clearwater Revival & John Fogerty.

"The lead singer is a freak! Sounding just like John Fogerty & nailing his soaring rock vocals with southern drawl"


"He plays the guitar with blinding accuracy, one of the best players I've ever seen and I saw SRV and Fogerty live! A true rock god, Fogerty would be proud"

"A timeless Re-creation of our youth. Spot on"

The Great Creedence Revival Show


What happens when you assemble the very best young musicians and singers who look like the originals?

A show like none other. Musicanship off the scale, there have been tributes to fleetwood mac before, but this show has them as they were, Lindsay's big hair and Steve's crazy witch like presence, audience members have gone home after several standing ovations saying "They were better than the real deal"  they "Sounded like the records, note for note"

Tango In the Night - The Fleetwood Mac Experience