About Phoenix


Phoenix Touring Company was founded by some of Australia's best touring musicians. With the goal of bringing high quality shows to Australian and international audiences, Phoenix aims to bring the acts audiences know and love to your home town along with the worlds best Concept & Tribute shows.



Crafting shows and prodcuctions with both the fans and the touring cast & crew in mind. A fusion of Musicanship, Production & Staging technology & good management.

the corporate machine who's greed lines the pockets of investors, agents, Ceo's and promotors, all before the artists, many of whom struggle to continue to tour. Profits from a Phoenix show go back into bringing more of the same loved events to YOU the fans! We called it Phoenix for a reason, we aim to rise from the ashes, of a all to familar tune in the industry and deliver a breath of fresh air and an experience to fans like
they have never seen before.


Creativity at it's best. Fair & Sustainable. PHOENIX TOURING.